Friday, June 14, 2013

Download Game neighbours From The hell 1&2

Woody is an average man who has a happy life, until his neighbor Mr. Rottweiler, makes his life miserable. Woody decides to take full revenge on Mr. Rottweiler. In the game Neighbors from Hell, the player creeps around the neighbour’s house performing tricks upon the unsuspecting resident. 
System :
  • A Pentium® compatible MMX processor with at least 233 MHz
  • (All Pentium® II-compatible processors or higher have MMX)
  • At least 128 megabytes of RAM
  • Windows 95® with Internet Explorer 5.5, Windows 98® SE, Windows Me®, Windows
  • 2000® or Windows XP®
  • A DirectX® 8-compatible video card with at least 8 megabytes of video RAM
  • A DirectX® 8-compatible sound card
  • A Windows-compatible mouse, keyboard and CD-ROM drive
  • At least 310 megabytes (MB) of free space on your hard disk
Screenshot :

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